It is tradition for Moonshine Ink to submit staff-selected best-of-the-best stories/illustrations/photos/advertisements to the National Newspaper Association’s Better Newspaper contests each year. The organization seeks to recognize top community journalism efforts across the country.

TWO DECADES OF THE INK, our November 2022 edition, won first place for best front page design in the non-daily division, circulation 6,000 to 9,999 (because we’re a monthly publication, our circulation, though larger, falls in this category alongside weekly publications). Our September 2022 cover won second place in the same category. Illustration by Mike English/Moonshine Ink

The past few years have yielded an adjacent tradition for the Ink: winning awards.

Our latest batch of submissions, which covered our 2022 publications, received accolades in the following categories:



  • Alex Hoeft

    Alex Hoeft joined Moonshine staff in May 2019, happy to return to the world of journalism after a few years in community outreach. She has both her bachelor's and Master's in journalism, from Brigham Young University and University of Nevada, Reno, respectively. When she's not journalism-ing, she's wrangling her toddler or reading a book — or doing both at the same time.

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