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Yes, Tahoe Has a Tourism Problem

It feels like we’ve reached max tourism capacity. What are we gonna do about it?

Moonshine Recognized Nationally for 2022 Reporting

The Ink received nine awards and two honorable mentions from the National Newspaper Association.

Kindergarteners [in the Woods]

Where better to learn about kindergarten subjects than outdoors in Olympic Valley? Creekside Charter School’s youngest students are doing just that.

How the Current School Board Election Became a Battleground

It’s the most heated school board race this community has seen in years. Here’s how.

Why is it Taking so Long for AT&T to Remove the...

Ten years ago, scuba divers found abandoned telecommunications cables under Lake Tahoe. Studies have found that the cables — property of an AT&T subsidiary — are likely leaching lead into the water. Efforts to remove the cables have finally reached a tipping point.