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Nature’s Corner allows Moonshine Ink to profile something happening in the great outdoors, either a species of plant or animal or relevant event happening involving nature, or even a person working in nature

Forest Foraging


Stir fry, add to a pizza or concoct a sweet jam with some delectable edible plants found right here in the Sierra. They’re out of this world — or more like “out of the wild!”

Ground Control to Major Tardigrade


Water bears are so sturdy that they probably won’t succumb to nuclear war, global warming, or any astronomical events that wreak havoc on Earth’s atmosphere.

Getting Ready for Winter


The beaver has long been thought to be non-native to the Sierra, but new evidence proves otherwise.

Parents! Kids! Explore the Outdoors!


Tahoe Institute for Natural Science (TINS) publishes a new children’s nature activity workbook for kids K-5th grade.

A Booming Sound of Spring: The Sooty Grouse


A note of caution: Being territorial, particularly during the breeding and nesting season, the sooty grouse female will aggressively chase any human in her path.

Exploring the ‘Hitched’ World


To explore is to get to know that part which is wholly connected to us: the ground beneath our feet, the trees above our bodies, the water that flows into creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Johnny Chickadee Cache


It’s been said that the little acrobat Chickadee can cache up to one thousand seeds in one day with a potential range of 60,000 to 90,000 seeds in one fall season.

One Small Beetle, One Large Disaster


What does Truckee/Tahoe's future with the ever-threatening bark beetle look like?

Eyes to a Hidden World


By the end of the first day Eve had spotted 34 birds, 20 of which she had never seen before.

Jumping Jack Flash, It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!


Snow fleas, also known as springtails, can eject themselves into the air up to six inches off the ground, equivalent of a human being jumping over the Eiffel Tower.


Withering on the Vine

Killing It

Setting the Record Straight

When Demand Exceeds Supply