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Moonshine Recognized Nationally for 2022 Reporting

The Ink received nine awards and two honorable mentions from the National Newspaper Association.

Revival of the Great Bingo Revival

Ready yourselves, Moonshiners, for the Great Bingo Revival. Here’s the story of a revolution.

Dirty and Mighty

A film series this month showcases how the dirt beneath our feet holds the hope for tomorrow. Hosted by Moonshine Ink, Tahoe Food Hub, and the Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema.

‘Eat Like You Give a Damn’

It’s the ultimate trickle down … being thoughtful with the food we eat has immense ramifications. The world would be good. The Earth would breathe a sigh of relief.

Have You Lost Your Bounce?

Sprinkle in these habits to alleviate lower back and hip pain.

Energizing Heroes

After a snow-laden accident took out Moonshine Ink’s power, these two electricians got its office up and rolling in record time.

Deadline by Headlamp

75 editions ago the Shiners wrapped up a doozy of a deadline. Grab your hot cocoa and blanket, as those of us who were there that night share the tale that proves the presses don’t stop for nobody.

Challenge the Inevitability of Snarled Traffic

“It’s a heart-hurt to view idling vehicles lined up as far as the eye can see,” our editors say collectively in this month’s group editorial. “There is a carrying capacity inherent for any system and clearly we are exceeding ours here.”

The Epic Tale of Short-Term Rentals

Within the sticky subject of short-term rentals, we have an opportunity to create our own epic tale.

Through Conflict and Celebration, Moonshine Ink Tells the News

What does it take to persevere for 20 years? Moonshine Ink sticks with journalism, celebration, and community.