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Have You Been Affected by Fire Insurance Changes?

For the September Do Tell, Ted Coakley III asks readers, How have changes in fire insurance affected you?

Moonshine Recognized Nationally for 2022 Reporting

The Ink received nine awards and two honorable mentions from the National Newspaper Association.

What Makes a Local?

For the July Do Tell, Ted Coakley III asks readers, what does it mean to be a Truckee/Tahoe local?

Art Taking Hold, But Stigma and Safety Issues Stick

Truckee Artist Lofts has garnered a poor reputation because of certain residents, but the affordable housing project is on an upward trajectory, say some. Others continue to struggle with safety, function, and future.

The Long Search for a New Purpose

What to do with the old Tahoe City Fire Station? Eight proposals, several from the community, were considered, but the property’s gatekeeper, Placer County, favors a fledgling nonprofit out of the Bay Area.

‘It’s Like Looking into a Fish Bowl!’

Giving locally makes the biggest splash, say Hero members Ken and Terry Yagura.

Out of the Blue

The burgeoning sport of eFoiling has gained in popularity in recent years on Lake Tahoe. Truckee local Matt Cook launched Cook eFoils to help people learn, and fall in love with, this new sport.

Healing Healthcare Burnout

Burnout among healthcare workers has risen sharply since the coronavirus pandemic and is “exceptionally high” in Truckee/North Tahoe among Tahoe Forest Health System primary care and advanced practice providers. The district is responding.

How Big Is This Season?

This winter is one for the record books. The exact details of how much and what it means is spelled out in this special report from Andrew Schwartz of the Central Sierra Snow Lab.

A Snowplow Sensation

Two North Tahoe High alumni have become YouTube hits after their snow removal videos went viral, offering viewers around the world a look behind the curtain of extreme snowplowing.