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Read about Tahoe Truckee’s local food culture, get a roundup review of local venues, catch a new recipe, and find out what’s in season.

The Root of Pie √

Pie-making is an old-world skill during which time stands still.

Seasonal Sustenance

Is there a reason cold-weather months have us craving heavier comfort foods?

Fruits of Labor

Save the flavors of summer to enjoy all winter long with this easy guide to canning.

Cool as a Cucumber

Crisp, light, and refreshing, cucumbers are the quintessential summer snack or side dish. Try these quick and easy recipes for your next socially distanced cookout.

Waste Not, Want Not.

Web: When it comes to composting, not all food waste is considered equal. Know what you can and cannot put in the community compost bins in Truckee.

Communal Cravings

People near and far are taking it to the streets to spend time with loved ones while maintaining physical distance. Here are some tasty ideas to get the party started without spreading disease.

Home Baked

Why are people so enthralled with baking homemade bread during this time of the coronavirus? Robert Gray thinks he knows why and shares his personal insight in our latest Soul Kitchen.

Waste Less, Save More

In a time when people are packing their pantries and refrigerators with a surplus of food, follow these tips to cut back on excess kitchen waste.

Freeze Advisory

While there are a lot of home delivery optiwons that prep your food and give you recipes, they can get pricey. Putting your own freezer meals together is simple and you choose the ingredients while keeping within your budget.

Food Alchemy at Your Hearth

Capture the cozy of a wood fire in your evening meal.