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Get Out & Go

Get Out & Go spans our geographic range and publication dates, providing short, behind-the-scenes event teasers.

Reno Pop Culture Con

Nov. 8 to 10, Reno-Sparks Convention Center

Pure Imagination … Tahoe Chocolate & Wine Festival

The Tahoe Chocolate & Wine Festival returns Nov. 2 for an evening of decadent indulgence with proceeds benefiting Sierra Community House.

The Soulful Saxophone

Here at Moonshine Ink, we love music. Karl Denson, a local favorite who has played with The Stones, recently shared with us his philosophy on saxophone tones and life. And how “freaking amazing” it is to play with Mick and the gang.

Western Troubadour, Dave Manning

Dave Manning lives in a 1965 Volkswagen bus and plays music to sustain his life on the road. He’s played throughout the West — even at Folsom Prison — and will return to Cottonwood Restaurant in October for a night of soulful ballads and groovy tunes.

Kokanee Up the Creek at Fall Fish Festival

The annual Fall Fish Festival returns to Taylor Creek Visitor Center Oct. 5 and 6. Witness the splendor of nature as the kokanee salmon make their annual autumn migratory journey.

Paddle Lake Tahoe

The California Tahoe Conservancy created the Lake Tahoe Water Trail, a water route along the 72-mile shoreline of Big Blue. The route connects public launch and landing sites around the lake.

Foam Fest Hits the Big 3-0

Saturday, Aug. 31; 2 to 6 p.m.

Rafting the Day Away

Looking for rapids, a family-fun day, and/or a lazy river? Check out our North Tahoe river rafting guide to ensure a fun (and safe) day in the water.

Classical Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Music Festival

Summer is the season of music in Tahoe. There’s always a venue to find the sounds of bluegrass, southern rock, folk, alternative rock, even afro-samba-funk. But if something a little softer, a little smoother, is your flavor, Tahoe has that too: Meet the Classical Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Music Festival.

If You Build Them, Others Will Come

What goes on behind-the-scenes of the Tahoe trails you hike? Local organizations and people like you are building them. Join ‘em!