In this New Year, Say ‘No’ to a Tahoe Lost Generation


A journey to Spain prompts the Ink’s publisher to reflect on the endemic challenges of living with other humans, and how we might avert the threat of a ‘lost generation.’

When You Step in It, Clean Up Your Mess


The meddling of troublemakers — in your life, office, or politics — often prods forward a much-needed update.

In Hot Pursuit of Living Life Fully


While deadlines and learning can be hard on the soul, they keep one moving in the only direction worth going.

Since the Dawn of Time, It’s Been About Dogs


Our mission this edition? Celebrate the canines who have it best in the world — Tahoe dogs.

Paper Tariffs Will Hurt Journalism


If this effort succeeds the prices of newspaper printing will rise steeply, affecting Moonshine Ink. The resources available for everything else we want to do for our community will be made more difficult

Change Happens


Boy, have things changed over the past decade with regard to local energy sources, to a point once considered impossible. And we all played a part.

To Be or Not to Be, Mountain Communities Have a Choice


Telecommuting and short term rentals make a mountain lifestyle easier to achieve. It’s also gutting communities across the West, including our own. We all have the option to help course correct.

The Real Antidote to Fake News


Forget #FakeNews. Let's talk media literacy.


Withering on the Vine

Killing It

Setting the Record Straight

When Demand Exceeds Supply