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Calling All Elves!

Holiday cheer: A self-proclaimed “angel second-rate” helps make the holidays brighter for seniors in need.

Be a Holiday Helper

While Truckee’s number one elf Jesse Griffin may be on a quest to help spread Christmas cheer to the seniors of the Truckee Donner...

Gettin’ Furry with It

Fretful ferret enthusiasts fly under the radar, but they’re not going away.

Beacon of Hope

When a customer told Jaclyn Woznicki she was disappointed after coming to Trunk Show to shop the day before only to find the store...

Nostalgia Spot

Strap on your spurs and polish your badge, Bodie State Historic Park is a quick trip long on California’s wild western history.

The Road to Akaro

Living along the riverbanks of the Ecuadorian Amazon are indigenous Waorani communities. The Waorani way of life is changing as the world around them evolves.

If You Don’t Snooze, You Lose

Everyone knows that sleep loss makes you feel lousy. But losing sleep early in the night has a different effect on memory, learning, and creativity than losing the same number of hours toward morning. Linda Lindsay examines why everyone needs a full night of sleep —especially students heading back to school.

Science on the Summit

A scientist on Donner Summit is set on revolutionizing science education. Unlike the classroom days of memorizing things like the Krebs cycle, the goal, Megan Seifert says, is to drive the kids toward asking questions they won’t know the answers to. Why she chose this path and how she got there.

Kokanee Up the Creek at Fall Fish Festival

The annual Fall Fish Festival returns to Taylor Creek Visitor Center Oct. 5 and 6. Witness the splendor of nature as the kokanee salmon make their annual autumn migratory journey.

Getting Crafty

Tapping craft kegs and stocking craft cans in a relatively remote and rugged region isn’t simply a matter of shipping and receiving. The Craft Beer Fairy doesn’t drive up and down Interstate 80 all week long dropping off beer. Learn how local retailers take on the challenge of providing craft beer to a thirsty audience.