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In the Past

In the Past provides the rarely told stories of Tahoe/Truckee’s history. We avoid the classic Donner Party tales and other stories that everyone has heard a dozen times unless we are sharing a new, previously unheard-of angle on the topic. Stories can run a vast range of history, from pre-settlement to a decade ago.

50 Years Ago: Let’s Shred Some Volcanoes

By WOLFE SCHAEFER | Moonshine Ink In May 1969, two local guys, Wolfe Schaefer and Heinz Heubner, took off in a 1953 GMC panel truck...

Welcome to ‘Donnerwood’

Truckee was a vital filming site for early silent films and the first of the “talkies” in the early 1900s, posing as places like Siberia or Alaska. Charlie Chaplin and other major film stars of the era took advantage of the Sierra Nevada snowfall and Truckee amenities, even using locals as extras and filming in remote areas such as Donner Pass.

Villains of the Past

Since its early days, Truckee has had a colorful history of noble lawmen and ruthless criminals — here are some of the most infamous.

The Truckee Method

How an anti-Chinese boycott came to be

The Bigler Blunder

Calling the most gorgeous and iconic alpine lake in the world “Bigler” has to rank with political bumbling worthy of the current administration. How did it happen? Who should be blamed?

The Pyramid Lake Wars

The Truckee River was the site of one of the greatest of the wars between natives and whites in Nevada’s history.

Happy Sesquicentennial!

It’s easy take the transcontinental railroad for granted as it doesn’t overtly affect our daily lives, but in truth, the transcontinental railroad is responsible for shaping the North Tahoe/Truckee/Donner Summit area you see today.

The Black Pioneer of Plumas County

Could it be that a mountain man who was a blacksmith, horse thief, cavalry scout, and Crow Indian chief — with peaks, passes, waterways, and towns all named in his honor — was ignored because he was a black man?

The Squaw Valley Stables

Looking back to a more peaceful time.

The Sorceress of the North Shore

A biplane in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia, brings memories of one incident that in 1991 astounded many people in the North Lake Tahoe community.