Submit your guess above for a chance to win. Prize options include: a growler with a free fill from Alibi Ale Works or one of Alibi’s trademark mustache pretzels and a nonalcoholic beverage, winner’s choice.  Must be 21 or older to claim a growler. Correct responses will be entered into a drawing from which a winner will be randomly selected.


Previous Winners:

May 2024
Answer: Snowbrush, also called a tobacco brush, red root, or deerbrush
Winner: Tiffany Clary, Reno NV


April 2024
Answer: Peacock Feather
Winner: Karen Hovorka, Incline Village, NV



March 2024
Answer: Wasp/yellow jacket
Winner: Orland Hess, Sierraville, CA



February 2024
Answer: While no one guessed where the mural itself is located (Truckee Tahoe Lumber Company), our lucky winner guessed the location IN the mural: Fannette Island Tea House.
Winner: Fritz Fleischmann, Sparks, Nevada


December 2023 – 
January 2024 – n/a 
Answer: n/a
Winner: n/a


November 2023
Answer: Snowblower blade/auger
Winner: Max Patterson, Verdi



October 2023
Answer: An Apple
Winner: Jarrett Bower, Truckee



September 2023
Answer: Incline Car Wash & Storage
Winner: No correct guesses!



August 2023
Answer: Boat propeller
Winner:Erin Jost, Truckee



July 2023
Answer: Oriental poppy (Papaver Orientale)
Winner: Elaine Graves, Truckee



June 2023
Answer: Fishing lures
Winner: Michael Hunter, Carnelian Bay




May 2023
Answer: Rear bike cassette
Winner: John Drum, Tahoe Vista




April 2023
Answer: The Band sculpture on Donner Pass Road in downtown Truckee
Winner: Casey Brumbach, Tahoe City



March 2023
Answer: Dandelion
Winner: Rachel Martinez, Truckee



February 2023
Answer: Ice Skate
Winner: Ryan Stenson, Truckee



January 2023
Answer: Ski Trail Arrow Sign
Winner: —



December 2022
Answer: Snowshoe
Winner: Jazmin Breaux, Truckee



November 2022
Answer: Fig
Winner: Carl Harmon, Truckee



October 2022
Answer: Commons Beach, Tahoe City
Winner: No correct guesses!




September 2022
Answer: Morel mushroom
Winner: Jessica Rozek




August 2022

Answer: Colored pencils
Winner: Casey Richardson




July 2022

Answer: Celery
Winner: Diane Krauss, Truckee




June 2022
Answer: Lollipop
Winner: Libby Toub





May 2022
Answer: Wooden sculpture at Safeway in Kings Beach
Winner: Steven Lucia, Truckee




 April 2022
Answer: Iconic Tahoe Biltmore sign
Winner: Scott Wilcox, Reno




March 2022

Answer: Dry bucatini pasta
Winner: Lila Shadloo, Danville/Tahoe Donner




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