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You Asked. They Answered.

Readers submit questions and we find the right people to answer them. Send your queries to editors@moonshineink.com.

What Does this Winter Hold for Truckee/North Tahoe?

Will we have two consecutive wet winters in a row? What’s up with the demolition at the old Truckee California Highway Patrol site?

Numbers Game: Visitors and Parking Lots

How are visitors to the Tahoe Basin calculated? Plus, a major parking lot expansion at the East Shore’s popular Chimney Beach is underway. What will happen to it during wintertime?

Houses Removed, a Rumor Debunked, and Staying Within the Forest Lines

Why were two residences by the railroad tracks in Truckee removed? Did Boatworks buy the Tahoe City Lodge property? What are those wooden bench-looking structures in national forests?

Composting in Our Mountain Hamlet

Did you know: North Tahoe and Truckee are exempt from California requirements to provide organic waste (composting) collection services? Even still, there are local options for composting, benefitting the environment.

Hurry Up and Wait: Summertime Road Construction in Truckee/North Tahoe

Highlights of the patchwork road construction project quilt around the region this summer.

Need to Evacuate? Know Where to Go

What to know when you need to go: We rounded up evacuation information from area jurisdictions in case of emergency.

Underneath It All: 50 Damaged Structures and Counting Post-Snow

As a result of record snowfall this year, how many reports of structure damage have been relayed to Truckee/North Tahoe jurisdictions? And, as everything melts, are more tales on the way?

From Village to City: Incline and Crystal Bay Seek Incorporation

Many Incline Village and Crystal Bay residents are eager to form their own municipality. A local nonprofit organization is looking to make it happen.

Subway in the Sky

An old idea to create a tram system around Truckee/North Tahoe gains new attention from a community frustrated with vehicular ski traffic. Utah is poised to install its own; we check on the status of the local proposal.

Berms About Town

What’s the origin of all those snow berms lining roads? Do snowplow drivers ever purposely form berms in front of “problem” residences? February’s You Asked. They Answered. takes a look.