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Readers Reflect

Readers Reflect houses bite-sized letters to the editor. They come to us in many shapes and sizes, and it is up to the opinion editor to vet submissions, slim them to size, and edit them for style and clarity when appropriate. Email editors@moonshineink.com to share your reflection, or comment on one of our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts.

Defending the Electoral College; Microplastics

In response to last month’s financial column; a stellar issue; the case for the electoral college; microplastics.

Local Endorsements; IVGID Transparency

Response to IVGID article, state representative debate; local candidate endorsements; more.

Hospital Discharge; Airport Board Support; Data Shortcomings

Airport board recommendations; response to tourism numbers; more.

‘Dementia Discharge’ — Where’s the Compassion?

Following our recent article Dementia Discharge, editor Juliana Demarest wants to reassure readers that while there is seemingly a lack of compassion at the top administrative level, it abounds among the extended care employees.

Truckee Police Chief; Tahoe Donner

Response to our editorial board’s editorial on Truckee police chief’s departure; further feedback on our coverage of Tahoe Donner’s change in power; more.

Bring Back Loux; More on Housing

Housing issues should be addressed in the context of environmental degradation; bring back Jeff Loux; more.

COVID is still here; vigil response

Moonshine made me a local; COVID won’t slow down; more.

Second homes; parks and first responder appreciation

Second home is where the heart is (response to Tahoe Talks); personal connection and response to Rosie the Riveter and the WASP; more.

The Community Responds to COVID Efforts; Save the Ink

Readers Reflect: No more STRs; coyote love; more.

Human vs. Motor-Powered Sports; Tahoe Donner GM Talk

Responses to Tahoe Donner General Manager Ousted For No Cause, the case for designating people-powered and motor-powered sports areas in the Basin