Moonshine Ink AI Policy

We at Moonshine Ink believe in the power of original reporting, original writing, and original content. Our mission is to provide confirmed, fact-checked, and vetted information and analysis of the most vital news and community topics in the region. We are a community newspaper that reflects the voice of the community. As such, we do not support the use of artificial intelligence in writing articles of any kind or opinion pieces. Most AI works by scraping the internet for information that already exists. Thus, it cannot create wholly original stories or report facts that do not yet live on the World Wide Web. Because not everything that’s on the internet is true, AI can also create stories that have false information in them. This is antithetical to journalism, whose goal is to root out the truth, and depends on reporters digging up factual information, sometimes from unwilling organizations, government agencies, or businesses that do not want the facts to come to light.

As a watchdog of local government and others, it is imperative that Moonshine Ink reporters and contributors do their own research, reporting, and writing. We do understand that AI can be a useful tool in brainstorming ideas, organizing a story, language generation, and writing excerpts or headlines, similar to other tools already in use like spell check, thesaurus, and transcription services. Yet the bulk of our work will be original. If we suspect stories are written with the help of AI, we will run articles through an AI detector and will not accept any article or opinion piece that has more than 20% of it written by AI.

One of the greatest aspects of humans is our power to create something out of nothing. You are a human. Be human. Use your brain, that miracle of an organ that allows us to think and breathe and walk and talk all at the same time, and so much more. Write using your own brainpower. Take your own photos. Make your own art. Be creative. Be you.

As the artist Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.”

Be courageous. It might just be the one thing that separates us from machines one day in the near future.