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AT&T Backtracks on Removing Lead Cables Amid Legal Fight

It’s been a decade since two cables, spanning 8 miles and hosting 68 tons of lead, were discovered in Lake Tahoe, and the matter of their removal is now embroiled in a contentious lawsuit.

Understanding the Truckee Airport’s Responsibilities Around an Airplane Crash

With three devastating, deadly plane crashes since 2021, the most recent on March 30, here is a breakdown of the Truckee Tahoe Airport’s authority over the region’s skies.

Time for Change

It’s graduation season, and soon parents everywhere will be experiencing all the feels as they taste the bittersweet change of letting go as their kids set out to become full-fledged adults.

Good News for Local Real Estate Market

Despite high mortgage and interest rates, home sales and median sales prices are on the rise, a good sign for the local real estate market.

Moonshine’s First AI Policy Takes Aim at Staying Human

As a watchdog of local government and others, it is imperative that Moonshine Ink reporters and contributors do their own research, reporting, and writing.

Cultural Crossover

Latin food recipes are unique to family heritage, and so the Truckee Library Latino Cookbook is like peeking into your neighbor’s kitchen.

Escape and Evade

Douglas Dale has practiced aikido for 50 years, and his studio, North Lake Tahoe Aikido, has co-hosted a seminar for fellow high-level instructors from around the world for over three decades.

How a Resort with the Logo “Smile, You Are at Homewood!”...

A devoted Homewood skier is angry at the ski resort after she claims she was unfairly targeted for being a woman.

Do Tell: Your Take on AI

For the May Do Tell, Jared Alden asks readers, Do you utilize AI? What impacts do you think AI will have on society over time?

‘Exterminate the Savages’

California’s violent attempt to rid the state of its original people was even sanctioned by the government and, tragically, nearly 100% successful in its mission.