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Whack the Traffic Woes?

No two ways about it, downhill ski traffic is bad this winter. This special report by Tim Hauserman looks at the impacts and what is being done about it.

Let My People Go to School

In her My Shot opinion piece, Carolyn Highland shares how difficult a constant barrage of downhill ski resort traffic makes life for teachers, students, and other community members.

Resorting to Poor Conditions for J-1 Workers

The winter J-1 workforce at one local North Tahoe resort is living and working in undignified situations, say current and former employees.

Second Act of Housing Mission Possible

The Mountain Housing Council’s first meeting of 2023 revealed what might be the culmination of its mission, and a new bilateral solution to the region’s housing crisis.

Bridging Communities; Breaking Down Walls

Xochitl Perez grew up in North Lake Tahoe after immigrating to the U.S. from Mexico as a toddler. She now works to bridge the gaps between Mexican and North American cultures locally through acceptance, appreciation, communication, and compassion.

The Tale of the Grosh Brothers: Why History Gets Things Wrong

A group of endurance runners and amateur historians retrace the steps of the Grosh brothers during the Comstock Lode to discover that history doesn’t always get things right.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door?

Kim Bateman, a psychologist and college administrator based in Truckee, explains the role of a death doula, and shares ideas for how some of her clients at the end of their lives found peace before they passed.

Subway in the Sky

An old idea to create a tram system around Truckee/North Tahoe gains new attention from a community frustrated with vehicular ski traffic. Utah is poised to install its own; we check on the status of the local proposal.

Losing and Later Finding a Pet

The Do Tell question of March is: What experience or tips do you have regarding losing and later finding a pet?

Traffic’s Imperfect Storm

Truckee-based photographer Court Leve witnessed ski traffic congestion from a crows-eye view recently when he captured video and photos of the long lines with his drone. Then he attended meetings to find solutions. Here are his thoughts in this month’s My Shot.