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A Recalibration of Visitor Numbers

Numbers keep coming in regarding the number of visitors in Tahoe this summer. New wastewater information changes things.

Gateway to the Future

Gateway Mountain Center gives at-risk youths a place to belong, access to valuable resources.

How Will We Ensure That Our Ballots Make It If We...

You Asked. They Answered. How will the USPS ensure ballots are counted in a vote-by-mail-heavy election?

And Then They Shut the Forests

First came the disease, then the economic downturn, and now (the last straw for this My Shot author) wildfire has gotten so bad it’s forced the closure of the forests. This piece presents a path forward to never allow this to happen again.

What Political Issue Are You Most Passionate About?

National, local, or personal

Local Endorsements; IVGID Transparency

Response to IVGID article, state representative debate; local candidate endorsements; more.

Help Our Children by Taking the Census

California census deputy director Emilio Vaca appreciates the sense of community he has found in our region, and advocates, for the sake of our children, that everyone take the census.

The Ink for the Win

We won! In our eighth year entering the National Newspaper Association’s Better Newspaper Contest, Moonshine walked away with eight awards, with judges particularly praising our research and writing. 

(Blank) Valley Changes Its Name

Moonshine readers share their thoughts on efforts to pull the word ‘squaw’ from titles around Olympic Valley.

Burned Out

Murder hornets. Racial unrest. Wildfire, pandemic, economic collapse, climate change. What more can the year throw at us?