Fun Facts About Tahoe’s Flora and Fauna | Winter 2018-19

While nature is perhaps most easily enjoyed and appreciated during the summer, Tahoe’s winter ecology is equally intriguing.

Three Gorgeous Winter Cabins

Three homes perfect for sipping coffee and watching the snow fall.

Shop Local | December 2018

There are 7 local businesses included in this spread, which employ 50 people. Imagine the impact of losing any one of them!

Surviving Winter with Wade

Winter is coming. The squirrels are busily gathering nuts and dropping pine cones. If you’ve been around Tahoe for a while, you might know how to prepare for what could be a gnarly winter. For those of us less schooled in that respect, Wade has compiled a small list of hacks to help you live to see the summer.

18 Gift Ideas for 2018

SPONSORED CONTENT From jewelry to books, and from cutlery to crafts, here are gift ideas from Tahoe/Truckee artists and shops for everyone on your list

Friendly Advice

This month, Moonshine Ink hits the mean streets of North Lake Tahoe to ask our locals, “What advice would you give to a Lake Tahoe newcomer?”

Three Opportunities for Uh, What?

Three quirky homes to keep you on your toes as you look around.