Have you ever gone to dinner at someone’s house and been at a loss for what to compliment them on? “Nice … uh, what’s that thing in the corner? Oh, a fireplace? Yeah, nice fireplace.” Thanks to me, you can now be the lucky owner of one of the quirkiest homes I could find in our coverage area. And remember, buying a home with a certain peculiarity is not just for you — it’s for the sake of you and all of your friends and family, who will never, ever let you live it down.

Your Carpet is SO Teal

Nina’s pick: Although the color of the year 2018 is Pantone 18-3838 ultra violet, our advertising rep Nina’s favorite color is still teal, so she’s pretty stoked on this place. Nina could host a raging dinner party here during which her golden couch would match her golden wallpaper, thereby impressing her guests. And, her very favorite color is the shade of the entire — yes, entire — carpet. Tucked away in Reno’s I-can-never-remember-where-you-live district, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom charmer is a one-owner gem, and yes, that means grandma designed and lived in it all these years. All jesting aside, for the color lovers out there, this house is super retro chic and filled with a ton of great vintage elements. Info: $459,000, 3 bed, 3 bath, 1,772 square feet, 315 Carey Hills Dr., Reno, Nevada Home Connections

Photo courtesy Northern Nevada Regional MLS

Best Bang For Your Buck!

What a USEFUL Fireplace

Sage’s pick: The thing about this home’s fireplace, is that it’s just a place. And that’s because someone picked up and walked away with the actual woodstove before putting it on the market. But that’s all cool with our news reporter Sage, who is Mr. Fix-it around the office here. In fact, even without a new stove, Sage could hold a kumbaya circle with all his friends around the centrally lit, centrally warmed family room downstairs, with the perfect firepit dangling from the ceiling. No, we don’t really know how it works, but if you buy this place, that’s one less for the housing crisis. With three bedrooms, you and your two roommates can sit around the house for many hours, trying to figure out why your bathroom vanity looks like a dining hutch, and why all your upstairs entries are saloon doors; endless entertainment for the weary homeowner. This place is “architects on acid” chic. Info: $314,900, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2,470 square feet, 51760 Tamarack Cres, Soda Springs, Dickson Realty

Photo courtesy Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors

That Brick Wall Is, Uhhh

Le‘a’s pick: Le‘a (that’s me, the writer) really likes to make homemade pizza, and it’s juuust possible that pizza making is doable in this kitchen. Nobody really knows what that hole in the kitchen wall is, next to the two-way brick fireplace, but we’re just gonna assume that it’s a pizza oven. Really, the best way to have a pizza party is to funnel all the guests into your dirt-chic backyard, because grass would just get stuck in their stilettos anyway. Also, four bedrooms and three bathrooms make this single level, flat-as-a-pancake home super accessible, so you can invite over guests who are even older than the house itself without worrying about the stairs. It’s amore! Info: $469,000, 4 bed, 3 bath, 2,164 square feet, 645 Harbin Ln., Reno, Sierra Nevada Properties-Reno


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