Moonshine Ink has covered quite a bit in 2018, everything from cats to dogs to yaks. We have delved into the housing crisis and dipped our toes in the grocery store mayhem. With hard-hitting columns from our editors and steadfast participation from our readers, we are poised to have our best year yet. The Truckee/Tahoe area is not the island it once was, and more and more people are moving here to escape the hustle and bustle of overcrowded cities. Pros and cons abound. With new people come new ideas, but also new problems, for which we must find solutions. All of these changes will undoubtedly lead to some great stories. Over the holiday season, Moonshine Ink took to the streets to ask our readers, “What would you like to see us cover in 2019?”

Communications manager, TTCF
Whatever topic is covered, Moonshine Ink empowers its readers to engage in significant decision-making situations. Our community is evolving rapidly and the more our residents and workers are responsibly involved in that evolution, the better. I’d like Moonshine to continue to encourage its readers to show up educated and ready to participate in the shaping of the future of our region … anything that we face as a community.

President, Sierra Insurance Associates, Inc.
What I hope to see Moonshine Ink cover, first and foremost, is progress of the ice rink project. This is an important project for the community. I’d like to hear about affordable housing progress, fire protection, the new town council, and the new General Plan. A profile of Perry Norris, Truckee Donner Land Trust, and the amazing preservation of land around North Tahoe that will be preserved forever. Also, can anyone tell us the socio-economic impact of Bay Area flight for lifestyle?

Founder, Moon Highway
I’m always pro-cat content, but I also like hearing about housing, local history, local businesses, and how the population increase is affecting our area. I also want to see profiles of our local weirdos. I like Moonshine’s articles a lot.

Media and advertising sales, Ski Racing Media
I would love to read more about the small business community in Truckee and to hear about the trials and tribulations of business owners in the area. I think our community is special and I want to hear about the people who make it that way. From athletes to nonprofit owners; even the bakers who wake up at 3 a.m. to make sure Bay Area tourists get their scones on time.

Owner, Summit Sports Acupuncture
As a local sports medicine acupuncturist, I’d love to see more articles by local medical and healing professionals. There are outstanding practitioners in the area and lots of people who are active and can benefit from our knowledge. This could be tips for athletic performance, injury prevention, general health, wellness, et cetera. You will see more from me this year as I believe it is my job to share knowledge with my community, not just as a part of paid services.
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