What makes a Tahoe local? Is it living here for five years? Ten years? Acquiring the three “Ds”? (If you know, you know). When I first moved here in 2010, that was always a question I asked myself, and it was always a topic of debate. It’s a subject that comes with some static, whether it be serious, or in jest. Most of you reading this right now have probably lived here long enough to consider yourself one, or maybe not. Either way, we all learn quite a bit tailoring our lives to the rules of these mountains. It’s not easy to survive in Tahoe. We have high gas prices, rough winters, no housing, and low paying jobs. No matter how long we’ve been here, we’ve all gained some knowledge to share. This month, Moonshine Ink hits the mean streets of North Lake Tahoe to ask our locals, “What advice would you give to a Lake Tahoe newcomer?”

9-Year “Local”
Plan on staying longer than you planned. Nine years ago I moved up here on a six-month ski lease. Nine years later … still ticking.

ALEX DOVE, West Shore
1-Year “Local”
I’ve only lived here for a year, but I have been coming up here forever from the Bay. If I learned one thing while living here, it’s to stretch, stretch, stretch. Go to yoga. Spend time in the sauna. I like to spend a lot of time snowboarding, and if I don’t stretch, I feel it. Stay in shape and don’t get injured.

9-Year “Local”
The advice I’d give to a newbie is just have fun and don’t piss anyone off. Spend your time paddleboarding, snowboarding, backpacking, or whatever else you want to do outside. Partying is okay too, but don’t overdo it. Don’t be afraid to try new things and put yourself out there.

5-Year “Local”
If you are going to be here during the winter. Get a four-wheel-drive car. Chains on a two-wheel-drive car doesn’t cut it. Be smart.

OVINNIK, Truckee
1-Month “Local”
Don’t meow at the door all day. It’s not that great out there anyways.


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