“Come gather ‘round people wherever you roam, and admit that the waters ‘round you have grown.” ~ Bob Dylan. Bob might have been “singing” about the social movements of the 1960s, but the planet is singing a different song today. With our ice caps melting, atmospheric and sea temperatures rising, honey bees dying, and polar bears starving, it’s near-impossible to deny our climate is a-changin’. Whether you blame global warming on the cluelessness of the human race, the tilting of Earth’s axis, or some weird side effect of a flat Earth, it’s happening. Moonshine Ink hit the icy streets to ask, “How do you feel about the climate? What are you doing now considering the changes we’ve seen, and how are you preparing for the future?”

Wedding and conference planning manager
In the past 10 years, climate change has started to show major impacts. Seasonal cycles have become more extreme, weather is warmer in summer and more intense in winter. The two extremes definitely have my husband and I thinking about how we can do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and teach our child to do the same. Climate change is scary but inevitable — can you imagine our kids growing up in Tahoe and not being able to ski because it no longer snows here?

Bike tech, Olympic Bike Shop
Climate change has been a contributing factor to the recent wildfires we have seen in California. I moved to Tahoe City after living in Santa Rosa for six years and I grew up in Mendocino County. I have friends who lost their homes. I have family in Lake and Mendocino counties who had to evacuate. I know people who lived in Paradise. I’ve choked on smoke here in Tahoe City. My plan is to support efforts to mitigate climate change and reduce my own contribution to it.

Field manager, Sierra Watch
Climate change affects residents in many ways, whether it is enjoying the lake’s blue waters, taking turns in a safe and stable snowpack, or having a reliable supply of water during drought and fresh air with longer fire seasons. I’ll continue to advocate for responsible development that does not make evacuation paths even more dangerous in case of fire, nor create more greenhouse gas emissions and traffic that threaten the lake’s clarity. We need housing solutions that don’t build into fire hazard areas.

Bartender, Pete ‘n Peter’s and Fat Cat
Climate change hasn’t drastically affected my life but I can see how the future of many will be. Two years ago, in Thailand, I was able to visit the famous “James Bond” island, but due to excessive tourism, ocean life was negatively affected, and they had to stop tours. In Fiji, I was able to see a portion of the Rainbow Reef, and a lot of it appeared to be covered in concrete instead of vibrant coral. Sadly, people will abuse these beautiful environments until it’s too late.

TODD WEES, Soda Springs
Project manager, Crestwood Construction
Climate change has become an increasingly important factor in family planning. My wife and I continue to gain respect for impacts of climate change when we make plans to travel day-to-day regionally, as well as abroad. In our recent experience, travel routes can be spontaneously blocked due to heavy snowfall, flooding, landslides, etc. I worry about the future, and what this means for our kids. Climate change and its affects are compounding. It’s difficult for me to grasp the possibilities.
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