We are the fearless ones
We transmute lead into gold
Like a lotus we bloom
While suspended in murky waters
We float
Between swamp and sky
The sun and stars beckon us to rise
A bell sounds
Golden beams of light reaching
The faint sweet smell of eternity
Calling us home


From a small town in Washington to heli rides in places like Alaska and New Zealand, playing music in bands to watching my kids take their first steps, I’ve been so fortunate to catch a glimpse of the magic called life. Ancient cultures, sacred geometry, and the mysteries of existence persist in shining a light into the crevices of the unknown. We are creators. We dance through an infinite imagitorium. The space that making art provides is a gift and I’m so very grateful for those glimpses into the moment … Go off-piste and send it!


~ Jason Wordal’s paintings are currently on display at Coffeebar Olympic Valley and Coffeebar Bakery in Truckee. You can also find his work at or on Instagram under @wordal777.


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