THE STARE-DOWN: It was a beautiful sunny morning on the meadow in mid-December when I spotted a coyote following the shadows along the tree line. I quickly set myself up for a long wait. As she slowly approached, I found myself holding my breath as she stopped about 35 yards in front of me. Not yet noticing me until her eyes slowly met my camera lens, the stare-down felt like forever! Who was going to move first? Me!

Just steps away from my back door in the Lahontan community of Truckee, I am blessed to be able to gaze over a vast meadow preserve. Here is where I discovered my love for wildlife photography. With my camera at the ready, I am always on the lookout for any movement in the meadow.

Wendy Trabert

Main Image Caption: A MOTHER’S LOVE: On Mother’s Day 2019, I was lucky enough to capture some incredible shots of a mama bear and her two cubs out for their usual bear play, eating, and a lazy day sleeping in the pine trees. It was really amazing to be able to watch how nurturing she was to her cubs.