Readers Reflect | May 2023


In response to How Big Is this Season?

Biggest winter in memory

Here on the West Shore, we don’t remember any year where the snow was still so deep mid April.


~ Dick White, Tahoma, via Facebook

In response to No Consolidation Without Community Representation

School consolidation plan not well thought out

The article doesn’t mention that there is zero space at the high school to add two grades. When asked the plan of where the displaced students would go, the district could not offer even a draft of a plan. The high school already has a classroom shortage with two teachers teaching out of former storage rooms and other rooms small and windowless. When asked how programs like sports, art, and music, etc. would fit in one school, again the district had no answers, so they suggest closing the school without any plan of how to combine the other two. What’s the plan? That’s all we want to know. Unbelievable. This article didn’t do a great job of voicing all the questions and concerns by the community … and the current community data they are collecting before the next meeting is done on an inefficient platform called “thought exchange,” which is a Twitter-style commenting app with no way to derive hard data. The district promised a survey, and that isn’t it. A major issue is about including the community and making sure they are represented in the decision making process. They have failed to do that with any kind of transparency or integrity so far. Incline residents have a right to be angry.

~ Whitney Foehl, Truckee, via Instagram

In response to Healing Healthcare Burnout

Employee exhaustion is real

Oh, and they can’t tell you how much anything will cost. And if they do tell you, it won’t be accurate — or the full bill. Imagine buying a car and not knowing how much it will cost until you’ve had it a month. No other industry in the world operates this way. They sure are great community members with an awesome CEO that cares about transparency.

~ Court Leve, Truckee, via Facebook

Worker burnout is widespread

Burout is high amongst ALL workers in Tahoe/Truckee area! Welcome to the club Tahoe Forest Hospital!!

~ Stacey Fite, Truckee, via Instagram

Scheduler treated poorly by patients

Worked in scheduling for many years and I must say I have never been treated so badly by patients! Believe it or not, it’s not the scheduler’s fault this town has too many people.

~ Lynn Romero, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to Shine On cartoon That Person Who Waits Your Tables

Build more affordable housing

Stop building more multimillion dollar homes here in Truckee and add more “affordable” housing. The cap on the income requirements is a joke as well. Truckee was, not Truckee love.

~ Dan Underwood, Truckee, via Instagram

In response to Uniquely First

Enjoyed learning about Marianne Porter’s past

This piece was so lovely, @marianneporter1! So special to get this glimpse into your early days.

~ Ayla Mae Wild, Sierraville, via Instagram


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