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Fire District Annexation Gains Ground

The final steps for Meeks Bay Fire Protection District’s annexation into North Tahoe FPD are laid out. Plus: The history of Truckee poking fun at itself (it’s Follies season!).

Welcome to Truckee

The Rotary Club of Truckee is currently raising money to build welcome signs in up to four locations in town, and is asking the community to help with monetary or in-kind donations.

Is It Too Expensive to Build?

With the rising costs of materials and labor, the price of construction in our area has reached unprecedented levels. The local building industry has not fully felt the impacts yet, but the day could soon come.

The Local Thread that Binds

Let’s just say that without local journalism, there is no local. No local pride, no local connection, no local politics, nothing.

Do You Think Short-Term Rentals are Impacting the Communities? Why or...

Short-term rentals are a hot topic right now. Here’s what locals are saying.