Welcome to Truckee


By Mitch Clarin

“Welcome to Our Town!” is a friendly salutation on the side of the road at the entrance to many a town in America. Tahoe City’s welcome sign in the Highway 89 roundabout was installed in 2019, and Kings Beach got its welcome sign around 2011. However, for some odd reason, we do not have one in beautiful Truckee. Today, the public, along with the Rotary Club of Truckee, can help change that. After many, many, months of volunteer planning, drafting, researching, redrafting, discussing, and finally submitting for a permit, the Rotary Club of Truckee and the community are ready to start working on the final two pieces of this puzzle. The first one is financing. The second is the actual building of the signs.

The elegant signs have been designed to minimize maintenance by using a natural stone base and steel for the columns and the actual sign itself. They also include solar and night sky compliant lighting. Easily read by passing vehicles, these signs are important because they will give our community a sense of pride and identity, raise our public image, exhibit our cultural history, and showcase our welcoming community. When presented to the Town of Truckee, the council suggested the signs should recognize the area’s indigenous past. With the help of Becky Bucar from the department of public works, we were able to reach out to the Washoe Tribe for the exact text they wanted.

The minimal task of maintaining the signs falls squarely on the Rotary Club, a duty the club is ready to take on due to its love of our community. We believe it’s time to proudly state “Welcome to Truckee!”


Three locations have been identified with a possible fourth locale. The first neighborhood is at the corner of Rue Ivy and Highway 89 for cars entering Truckee from the north. The second is on route 267 at Hope Court across and slightly north of the Hampton Inn for those of us entering from Lake Tahoe. The third spot is in front of the old CHP station on 89 just off I-80, for those coming in from the freeway. The fourth sign will hopefully be west of town along Donner Pass Road where it crosses over the freeway for drivers entering Truckee from Donner Lake or the Summit.

HELLO TRUCKEE!: A rendering of the proposed welcome sign for Truckee. The Rotary Club of Truckee has identified four locations for the signs. Image courtesy of Dovetail Architecture

We are attempting to keep the actual cost to secure supplies and build each sign to $25,000 apiece, believing without an actual estimate that the overall total is approximately $150,000 per sign. Currently, the Rotary Club of Truckee is acquiring bids to build the signs. The goal is to have as much labor and materials donated as possible since the Rotary Club is a nonprofit voluntarily working to help improve our already great community. You can help as well by donating money, time, or both. Small donations are greatly appreciated along with more substantial ones. Helping us obtain donations might be a great way for you or your association to donate your time and energy. Labor needs to be performed by licensed contractors believing in the project and willing to give back to our fine community. Any suggestions in this arena are encouraged and appreciated.

Those that have donated time, money, discounted rates, supplies, etc. are, in no particular order: Bill Quesnel of Acumen Engineering, Kelly Gove of Dovetail Architecture, Mike Farrauto of Epoch Engineering, Dan Wilkins with the Town of Truckee, structural engineer Stephen Miller, web designer Brandon Perry, Greg McDougall, head instigator, and me.

For more information or if you want to help and/or have suggestions for contractors or material suppliers, visit truckeerotary.org, scroll down, and click on the welcome sign photo, or contact Mitch Clarin at (530) 308- 9124, mitch@mitchclarin.com.

~ Mitch Clarin has lived in Truckee for 30 years. In addition to being a real estate agent, Clarin is the incoming president of the Rotary Club of Truckee, current chair of the Town of Truckee Planning Commission, is producing the follies for the eighth time, and has recently taken up cross-country skiing to counteract the speed of his downhill skiing.


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