Airbnb, VRBO, Vacasa — the number of vacation rental options these days are as common as Tahoe-area acronyms. It’s a divisive topic, sure, but these five locals were happy to share their thoughts on short-term rentals in the region, and how they’re affecting things.

Owner of Mitch Clarin Real Estate & Construction


I believe STRs are positively impacting the community by bringing in always needed tax dollars in the form of TOT [Transient Occupancy Tax], sales tax, gasoline taxes, and even property taxes by helping landowners pay their bills, which in turn provides jobs for locals in the area.


STRs are having a negative impact. Homes that otherwise would’ve been available as long-term rental leases for people in our community … It’s created an incredible imbalance. My husband and I purchased a home we vacation-rented for 15 years. While we saw an increase in our personal revenue through Airbnb, we also felt like we were part of the problem. About three years ago, we decided to turn this home into a long-term rental so we could help our local community.

Treasurer, Truckee-Donner Historical Society; co-curator Museum of Truckee History

They impact our community and not in a good way. I understand property rights, but I believe that is being taken advantage of. Most of these places, if not all, are in residential districts and those folks have rights also. Truckee loses a lot of its charm every day but the people who chose to live here should not have to deal with the negative side of STRs.

Currently traveling abroad

STRs are certainly affecting our community. It’s hard to find affordable housing in this area and every room, apartment, or house that sits on VRBO or Airbnb, instead of being rented to a local family/resident, decreases the supply available for people who live and work here. Not to mention that when you live next to a short-term rental, it changes the vibe of the neighborhood.

NATE GRAHAM, North Lake Tahoe
Owner, Driving Home Dreams

They’re absolutely affecting our community. As a previous renter who struggled greatly to find reasonably priced housing (especially with pets), I ultimately decided to opt out of the exorbitant rental market altogether and chose van life. High rent prices, even higher real estate, and extremely limited options were a huge part of my decision to opt out altogether for a more minimalist “houseless” lifestyle.


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