Let’s just say that without local journalism, there is no local. No local pride, no local connection, no local politics, nothing. It’s our wonderful affiliations that specifically set Tahoe/Truckee apart from anywhere else on earth. No matter what side of the coin you sit on, we all have our region’s best interests at heart. That’s about as local as you can get.

And Moonshine Ink is a key structure that keeps that local pride, that local connection, even local politics, alive and connected. It’s Moonshine Ink’s local journalism that makes being a local a local.


The Ink has the capacity for super in-depth reporting, with investigative and professional journalism. It’s Moonshine Ink I turn to when I am in need of local information. When I need to get back to feeling local again. To remember why I moved here in the first place many, many … many years ago. To correctly remind me of my love for our local environment.

It is a travesty how local journalism has been pushed out of the limelight in most of mainstream America, probably the world. How lucky we are to have local journalism in the form of Moonshine Ink alive and kicking, staying strong and keeping going that thread of continuity all local communities need. There is no better way to stay locally connected than to have factual information at your fingertips. Not just accurate, but also easily accessible, which Moonshine is.

Further, it needs to come from local sources, real people vested in the local
community. Words you can trust written by people you see every day, out and about sucking in that local air, that local vibe, seeing the same local environment, being a part of the same local community.

What a great day it is when my edition of Moonshine Ink arrives in my mailbox! One of the better donations I have made this year was to the paper which entitles me to find the latest issue in my mailbox immediately after it is published. Oh, the joy of opening the latest edition and learning what my neighbors are up to, anybody or anything from Truckee Springs to the goings-on at public utility districts, from chimney sweeping to pandemic puppies.

What a warm feeling I receive knowing I have contributed to local journalism, which in turn is an extension of the local community. We live in a great place and Moonshine Ink heavily contributes to its greatness.

Thank you, Moonshine Ink, for being my home-grown thread of constant, consistent, in-depth, local, professional reporting.

~ Mitch Clarin is committed to serving his community. He is a founding member of the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe (CATT), was treasurer for Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors (TSBOR), and was the chair of the Tahoe Donner® Architectural Standards Committee (TDASC) for more than eight years.

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