What’s Your Makeshift Mask?


Scenario: You’re at a grocery store 30 minutes from home when you realize you forgot your mask. What’s the plan? What do you use for a mask? As has been the case since COVID-19 Day Zero, we limited unnecessary contact by conducting Do Tell via Facebook. This shifts slightly the population we hear from on this page, from literal man-on-the-street to user-on-the-’book who elects to comment. Let’s find out what eager beaver commenters had to say on the topic of makeshift masks.

KARA FOX, Kings Beach
Writer/adjunct professor (and former Moonshine editor!)


Clean (unused) diapers that are in the car. *laughing face emoji*

Owner, Lake Tahoe Photo Gallery/manager, The Office BOSS

With my shirt pulled up over my face, approach the entrance and see if any employees are at the door. Then ask politely if they have a mask available. Many businesses have masks available if you ask.

Wife/mom of two/chief domestic officer, Johnston family

No joke. There was a customer in the Tahoe City Safeway on Saturday night around 9 p.m. wearing a mask fashioned out of four squares of toilet paper with two holes cut out for his ears. I should have taken a photo. It was pretty unbelievable.

Human resources generalist at Mountain Hardware and Sports

A true story from True Value Tahoe City, spring 2020: A female customer walked up wearing shirt, skirt, shoes, and leggings but no mask. Employee at the front asked her to put on her mask before entering the store. So she promptly removed her leggings/yoga pants and tied them around her face to cover it. Gotta give it to her, she’s crafty!

Housekeeper/office assistant/mother

Today, I literally just watched a couple hold the newspapers from the front of the store to their face the entire time they shopped. I kept my distance but I see the effort.



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