As time flows by and the memory of normalcy fades into our past, a new world appears in the distance, covered in a dense fog, hiding the treacherous rocks lining the shore. While our leaders attempt to navigate through the passage that threatens to ground our vessel, the crew lingers in a purgatory of distrust. Some are wearing masks, some are refusing, most are throwing stones. On the top deck, the captain has abandoned his mission, hiding in his chambers, fading into irrelevance. Who will draw the map for a new life, and will we follow it knowing that we may never see our homeland again? How do we coerce our society into following the blueprint for a new existence? For now, I guess we can try to get people to socially distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands. Sounds easy enough …


  • Wade Snider

    Wade Snider is a traveler who's seen many worlds. He digs the backcountry and thrives in the worlds of surfing, travel, mountain biking, to name a few, and has many photography his medium. And given all that, quite possibly this photographer's favorite universe is the one where he's at home, snuggling with his cat.

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