Readers Reflect | May 2024


In response to Dogs and Long-Term Rentals: It’s a Kerfuffle in the April print edition.

Landlords Don’t Understand Mountain Culture

The dog friendly moniker started changing 12 to 14 years ago, and incrementally gets a little more extreme each year, like anything. 2010 and 2011, Squaw Valley changed their policies with the new ownership and Truckee Thursday tried to outright and illegitimately attempt to ban dogs. I actually had local yahoos threaten to beat me up over that because of my outspoken opposition to that attempted ban. I think the renter thing is brought to Truckee by landlords that have zero concern or awareness of what a mountain/ski community is about.

~ Daryl Simms, Cape Coral, Florida, via Facebook


In response to How to Piss Off a Local in the April print edition.

Bears Love What Humans Leave Behind

Last summer I did research on anthropogenic waste in bear scat and found so many cigarette butts, full candy bar wrappers, plastic bags, and even hair ties. If anyone wants photos, I’d be happy to post them in the comments. These were all bears from South Lake.

~ Amber Renee, Arcata, CA, via Facebook

In response to Remembering the ‘Long Streets’ of Truckee’s Chinatowns in the April print edition.

Dark History

So sad when I visited the museum a few years back the gentleman on duty’s response to why no mention of Chinatown and what happened — they didn’t want to highlight the bad stuff, but that they did have a chest from a Chinese store.

~ Marty G. Meeden, Gardnerville, via Facebook

In response to It’s All Fun and Games Until… in the April print edition.

Let Your Kids Have Free Time

I’m a huge fan of kids (and adults) participating in multiple sports, both team and individual. What goes wrong is when the pressure of specializing starts to be applied at a young age. I’m a product of this (golf) and I do not recommend it. Let your child explore — with the caveat that they have to complete a season — and have fun. The majority of youth athletes do not transition to even being a successful college athlete, let alone pro or Olympian (gasp! Yes, I said it.). So, keep it fun, light, and watch out how much funds you dump into it. And as a parent, check yourself often. Are you living your athletic dreams through your kid? If so, it’s usually a recipe for disappointment and a lot of pressure on your kid (again, I’m a product of this). We live in a wonderland of an activity-driven populace; it’s also okay for our kids to have a bit of downtime, too. A tiny taste of boredom can be a good thin, for both the kids and the parents.

~ Lauren Caitlin Tapia, Truckee, via Facebook

Ban and Remove All Styrofoam-Filled Plastic Docks

Plastics are a global problem, so it is not unexpected that Lake Tahoe would be affected as well. But why do we have such a huge problem that the concentration of plastic particles in Tahoe is larger than the ocean gyres? Although education of both tourists and residents alike is paramount and cleanup activities by such organizations as Clean Tahoe and Clean Up the Lake are laudable, stopping plastic contamination at its source should be the goal.

There are things that can be done immediately if the Tahoe agencies (TRPA particularly) have the political will to implement them. One of these would be to ban Styrofoam-filled, plastic floating docks from being placed and to remove all these types of docks installed around the lake in the past. After two huge spills of many thousands of tiny Styrofoam beads into Lake Tahoe caused by the docks dislodging in storms and smashing against the shorelines of Lake Tahoe (one just recently in January and one in 2021), TRPA has still not banned these type of docks or made steps to remove all existing Styrofoam-filled, plastic floating docks.

Now is the time for the TRPA to act. It’s time for TRPA to get back to its reason for being — to protect Lake Tahoe from the environmental damage caused by the overuse and abuse by people, both tourists and residents alike, even if it means upsetting a few boat owners in the process.

~ Tobi Tyler, Kingsbury, via email


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