Do we need three more grocery stores in a town of about 17,000 permanent residents? Raley’s, Grocery Outlet, and a currently unknown brand at the Railyard are proposed to bring nearly 100,000 square feet of new grocery store space to Truckee (see here). Moonshine Ink takes to the streets to ask the controversial question, “Where do you grocery shop now, and where do you plan to in the future?”



Small business owner

I shop at Save Mart and New Moon. I am disappointed about the Nugget not being built. It is a great, family-operated establishment. We need to keep business local because that is part of what makes Tahoe a special place. Small businesses are where it’s at.

Photos by Wade Snider/Moonshine Ink

RYAN URBAN, Sacramento

Weekend warrior, ex-local

When I lived in Tahoe, I shopped at Save Mart in Tahoe City for convenience’s sake. Now, when I come up on a weekend basis, I always pack my Yeti full of food before I get up here. It’s just too expensive. I will probably keep doing the same even after [the new stores] are built.


Long-term transplant

Currently I shop at New Moon and Safeway. I am excited for the Raley’s. It’s much closer to where I live and I won’t have to drive on the interstate or through downtown to get groceries. Also, I love the inexpensive wine and organic food at Grocery Outlet in Reno. Hopefully that stays the same in Truckee.


Tahoe-born and -raised

Reno. Haha. Food is too expensive here.


Adventure enthusiast

Currently I shop at Safeway because I like the selection more. I don’t mess with Save Mart. I am excited for the Grocery Outlet and Raley’s. More choices will be better and hopefully Save Mart and Safeway will get it together with more competition.