Tahoe/Truckee Businesses, in the Time of COVID-19


When fishermen can’t go to sea, they mend their nets.”


The challenge is dire and the obstacles are great. But businesses are working to find new models. Chris Gallagher, Granlibakken Tahoe’s director of marketing, said the resort has laid off 95% of its staff and has seen hundreds of thousands of dollars going out the door from the cancellation of conferences and group restrictions.

Gallagher said, “It’s bleak to see how our resort would be 100% full … and right now it’s about 5% occupancy.”

Every business is feeling the heat. Key points shared:

  • Employees are having to be laid off
  • Employers want to support their employees
  • Businesses are actively applying for SBA loans
  • Employees are filing for unemployment
  • Making rents is an issue
  • “Unless we get help, we’re done.”
  • People are looking at rebuilding/new business models

A touching moment from the business video conference call was when Kristin York with the Sierra Business Council shared this old saying, “When fishermen can’t go to sea, they mend their nets.” 


Links that were shared

Emergency Resources for the Community:

Granlibakken fundraising:

Business and Community Recovery Resources from NLTRA: https://www.nltra.org/north-lake-tahoe vivid-19-community-update

The Bar Effect:

Sierra Business Council:

Tahoe Luxury Properties GoFundMe page:


Future Topics

  • How to talk to landlords
  • New business models and ideas
  • How to handle kids while you’re calling into a conference call
  • What about STRs

Special thank you to Kristin York of Sierra Business Council for the quote at the beginning of this email, that inspires us to keep working. Also, for the inspiring image of munchkins coming out of hiding after the wicked witch is dead. 

Together, we will get through this and then … we shall dance around like munchkins.


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