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I’ve heard there’s an amphitheater to be built at Northstar. What’s the latest on this project?

The Tahoe Regional Arts Foundation is teaming up with Northstar California on a project known as The Stages, which would bring a cultural and performing arts center to North Tahoe. Still in its conceptual phase, the venue would sit just inside the entrance to Northstar California above the current parking facility at Castle Peak, and use existing parking infrastructure. As the brainchild of the Tahoe Regional Arts Foundation, The Stages would address the lack of performing space in the region and be the only venue of its kind at Lake Tahoe.


The goal of this project is to fill the void with a state-of-the-art performing arts theater and seasonal outdoor amphitheater, which will provide an iconic facility for local groups and high school and community college students to learn how the theater works. It would create an unprecedented learning environment for this community and encourage those pursuing a career in the performing arts to stay in the region.

Tahoe Regional Arts Foundation is currently in communication with the county and regional environmental organizations to ensure that the community is involved in the process from the very beginning.

~ Marcie Bradley, Northstar California

If there is a 14 day parking limitation, why are there campers/RVs that have been parked on West River Street for over a month?

Vehicles parked on the Town right-of-way and outside the areas where specific signage exists are allowed to be parked for 72 hours. It is possible that a vehicle could be there for longer if the vehicle has not been identified with a “72 hour” tag. Often, the police department tags vehicles for the 72-hour period after receiving complaints or during patrols if the vehicle appears to have been in the same location for an extended period of time. West River Street does have some areas at the far west end that are actually Placer County, so it does vary by exact location. There are also areas that are closer to the Truckee River that could possibly be private property and out of the Town right-of-way.

If there is a vehicle that is abandoned or has been parked for several days, the Truckee Police Department encourages everyone to let it know by calling (530) 550-2320. Community service officers would be happy to respond and address any concerns.

~ Rob Leftwich, Truckee police chief


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