Your inner child will scream, ‘Yippee!’ when you discover the goldmine of chocolate chips in Tahoe Creamery’s Tahoe Trip Mint Chip ice cream. The coffee aficionado in you is sure to moan with pleasure when you indulge in the Tahoe Coffee Crunchy Toffee, and the rich seasonal fruit flavors will send you over the edge into pure bliss. Nevertheless, you don’t need to feel guilty for feasting on outrageously good ice cream with an extremely high butterfat content, because you’re being environmentally responsible when you choose locally produced Tahoe Creamery ice cream.

    Tahoe Creamery produces about 36 flavors of ice cream at their headquarters in Minden, Nevada. They use local suppliers and limit Tahoe Creamery’s distribution to areas in which they have formed dairy partnerships, thus keeping transportation costs low and reducing their carbon footprint by using less fuel and producing less pollution. Their milk comes from cows at Reno’s Model Dairy. Consumers benefit from these environmentally friendly and economically efficient practices by getting fresh, high-quality, locally-produced ice cream for a price comparable to those of supermarket brands.

    Ice cream maker Greg Hoch founded Tahoe Creamery in 2000, moving his talents out west from Connecticut, where his family has made world-class ice cream at the Shady Glen Dairy Farm for 60 years. His love of the art goes into every batch of inventive, innovative ice cream. He has been known to climbs hillsides to hand-pick berries for special flavors. Greg always finds the freshest, all-natural ingredients to create the richest flavors for each batch of ice cream. Tahoe Creamery produces approximately 12,000 pints a month, made in 8- to 10-gallon batches. The small batches, hand-mixed as close to the distribution date as possible, ensure high quality and accurate ingredient proportions.


    Until late in 2006 Greg was a one-man show. But with customers screaming for wider distribution, he brought Reno entrepreneur Jeff Sallan and Garrett Sutton of Sutton Law Center on board to provide investment, operations, and strategic development advice. Additionally, Greg added his 17-year-old daughter Victoria to the production team. Plans to expand into the Sacramento market are in the works for 2009.

    As part of their ‘Keepin’ it Pure’ mission, they donate a portion of their profits to The League to Save Lake Tahoe, to help maintain the clarity and beauty of Lake Tahoe. Another percentage goes to the Sierra Kids Foundation, which benefits early childhood autism programs.

    Their promise is on each pint of Tahoe Creamery ice cream: ‘Our commitment is to producing all natural, gourmet ice cream equal to the fresh, clean purity of Lake Tahoe.’

    Tahoe Creamery ice cream is sold in the Galleria Center at Spanish Springs, 4751 Galleria Parkway, Sparks, 775-354-2237; in the second floor food court of University of Nevada, Reno’s Jot Travis Student Union; in a kiosk at the Hyatt beach in Incline; and in pints at Scolari’s and at the 7-11 at 10015 Palisades Drive, Truckee.