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Sustainable Tourism

I have just finished reading Colleen Dalton’s article. The Truckee 2040 General Plan update puts our community efforts for sustainable tourism in danger. Perhaps that could be an aspect to include in any reporting on the plan update process. How do the agencies working on sustainable tourism feel about the new plan? Their input is greatly needed right now.


~ Jennifer Bloomfield, Truckee, via email

In response to In the Crosswinds

Hangar Assumptions

This article mentions: “a need for additional hangars”.

I encourage folks to question this claim and “assumption.”

Question: Why, exactly and specifically, are additional hangars needed?

If additional hangars are not constructed, what dire things will happen that negatively impact the day-to-day quality of life of regular old normal average typical Truckee residents and people who work in Truckee, such as but not only teachers, nurses, dishwashers, cooks, cleaners, utility workers, food servers, bartenders, first responders, and other regular Truckee people?

FYI, the Reno Tahoe International Airport is a short and easy drive from Truckee.

Moonshine Ink, I feel this article does a poor job fully and honestly addressing the various negative impacts of the Truckee airport, including but not only noise pollution and the negative impact of airplane and jet noise on the health and well-being of Truckee residents and workers, and various ways the airport increases greenhouse gasses and contributes to global warming.

~ Tom Cal, Truckee, via Facebook

In the Flight Path

We are in the flight path for the airport, and all the private jets that fly over are especially annoying during the summer when we’re outside working in the yard or hoping to enjoy some peace and quiet. The fact that this article doesn’t cover any of the ecological impacts of private jets when we’re in a climate emergency as well as it being topical due to the exposure of how extremely wealthy use private jets to take flights of less than 20 minutes is wild. “Nowhere is carbon inequality more evident than private jet ownership. An average private jet journey within Europe emits 10 times as much greenhouse gases as the same journey made by an economy class flight, and roughly 150 times more than an equivalent high speed train journey.” This is from a study done in Europe — and it shows us how much more of an impact private jets have on the environment. Expanding the airport would be antithetical to a mountain community that cares for the environment.

~ Heidi Baikie, Truckee, via Facebook

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Humble Limitations

I know many of those officers standing behind that podium today. They all look so exhausted and so sad. And I agree, especially Captain Sam Brown from NCSO, was very humble and honest about their own limitations. We expect them all to be superheroes and save the day and sometimes they just don’t have that power. Those officers have shown up for this family day after day after day and did their best. They tried with the skills they have. Hopefully they can finally get some rest. Thank you, Moonshine Ink, for your steadfast and factual reporting.

~ Alison Cionek, Truckee, via Facebook

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