Do you remember wallet chains? They weren’t exactly the fashion statement of the century, yet the intention was solid in trying to prevent the theft or loss of a valuable possession. As humans, we have the tendency to misplace things, or worse, sometimes we steal or are stolen from in moments of desperation. Neither scenario is fun, but sometimes, in a surprising moment, we’re lucky enough to recover what’s been lost. Given recent local events, see here, Moonshine Ink wants to know what you’ve had lost or stolen that ended up returning to you?


Life Coach

At my old job I always brought my Hydroflask to work, and one day I set it down on a table, walked away for five minutes, only to return to it missing. I asked everyone I work with if they saw it, and for our boss to check the security cameras, but nothing. Four months later I arrived and there it was, in the same spot with water still in it.

Photos by Jeremy Jensen/Moonshine Ink
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Around five years ago I lost my wedding ring I had owned for 30 years. I was heartbroken about it so my wife bought me a replacement. Last year we sold our house and when removing the washer/dryer we found it covered in lint on the laundry room floor. Now I have two rings.


Manager, Starbucks

Growing up, my brother and I had a lizard who we accidentally let get out of his cage one day. We were convinced he was lost after four weeks going by, until my mom said she’d throw all of my toys away if I didn’t clean my room, which led us to vacuuming and finding him still alive underneath the carpet.


Manager, Zuri

I had a $300 Juicy Couture purse when I was 15 — I don’t know who decided I needed that — but I left it on the school bus by accident and a girl took it home. The only reason I got it back was because the security camera saw her taking it.

NIKKI MARTINEZ, Incline Village

Office administrator

One of my old roommates would always take things without asking: food, shampoo, etc. One day my iPod was missing from its speaker dock and so I confronted her about it. We literally got into a fist fight, and it turned out it was in her purse.