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Collaborative Resolution Reached Between Hospital District and Town; Proposal for Amendments...

Vacancy tax exploration put on hold; power outages during wildfire season; more.


Tahoe/ Truckee pups playing in the snow.

Night To Shine

The Tim Tebow Foundation selected Elevation Truckee to host Night to Shine, a formal dance event for adults with developmental disabilities.

Ski Patrol Pups

Megan Jost’s watercolor illustrations appear with Megan Butcher’s story in the childrens book Ski Patrol Pups about how a trainee golden retriever puppy named Walter joined the Alpine Meadows Rescue dog team. The book is at Word After Word Books and in other venues this winter. Watercolors by Megan Jost

Tahoe Backyard

With a nano brewery and an art collective on-site, Tahoe Backyard hopes to draw locals to hang out with their neighbors and friends.

Feeling Fragile?

Not in the Mood: The pandemic has left many people struggling with a range of emotions. Family therapist Lindsay Simon shares a few tips for helping to manage and understand your feelings.