HAPPY-GO-PUPPY: In order: Bodhi, Tito, Kua, Wheeler, Blue, Kailua, Akira, Annie and Clyde, Annie (again), Matilda, Bodhi, and Lola in their element. This bunch of past and present happy-go-luckies all have one special thing in common, besides their love for the mountains and snow:  All of their humans are part of the same pack. What pack is that? The Moonshine Ink pack! In celebration of the amazing snowfall that this winter has brought to the Truckee/Tahoe area — which is such a dog-lovin‘ region — we are reminded that it’s not just the opposable-thumbed bipeds who love to get out and play in the cold white stuff.

Send us yours: Are you in the Truckee/Tahoe area and have any creative or otherwise feel-good imagery you’d like to showcase here? Email submissions to partingshot@moonshineink.com. 


  • Ted Coakley III

    Lived: OH-TX-OK-CA-NY-CA Visited (work and/or non-work): many states all over the U.S., MX, Canada, Central & South America, Asia & Europe. High on my wish list is Ireland, all over Africa, New Zealand, Russia, Norway, China, Iran, Bhutan, Ecuador, Iceland, Bali, Baja .... well, okay, any/everywhere would be great to visit. Worked: photo, film/video, manual labor, high finance, menial, profound. Someone recently asked me, "You like to talk to people that others don't like to talk to?" I answered that I do like doing that, as much as talking to anyone else, but it's not "a thing" for me that I'm especially into. A day or two later, it struck me why I was asked that - because a lot of people are not like that ... not like me in that way. I'm glad I'm not like others in that way. ¡All for fun and fun for all!

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