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Alpenglow Sports’ Winter Speaker Series Starts Dec. 8

Jeremy Jones kicks off the 2022-23 Alpenglow Winter Speaker Series on Dec. 8. Look for two givaways to benefit local nonprofits. Shows are available in person and online at the Alpenglow Sports YouTube channel.

Through Conflict and Celebration, Moonshine Ink Tells the News

What does it take to persevere for 20 years? Moonshine Ink sticks with journalism, celebration, and community.

Remains in Car ‘Probably’ Rodni’s

Officers Monday declared the remains found inside Kiely Rodni’s car are probably those of the 16-year-old Truckee girl who went missing in the early hours of Aug. 6. The investigation as to what happened continues.

Rodni’s Car Found With Unidentified Remains

As word spread quickly in Tahoe / Truckee on Sunday, Aug. 21, that 16-year-old Kiely Rodni’s car was found sunken upside down in Prosser Reservoir that morning, locals cried in shock, relief, and pain.

Kiely Rodni Search Involves FBI

Kiely Rodni’s parents and searchers desperately pleaded for teenagers who attended the party where Kiely was last seen Friday night/Saturday morning to share whatever they know about the party. In evening meeting with community Wednesday, Aug. 10, in Truckee, they detailed the progress so far and described their means of searching. The hunt for the missing 16-year-old is entering its 6th day.

Banish the Blues … It Takes Just a Little Work

A My Shot author shares ideas for improving your mood in the Truckee/Tahoe area.

Clearing for Good

What’s going on with the burn piles and forest clearing happening near Dollar Creek Trail and Rocky Ridge? The California Tahoe Conservancy and California State Parks project managers held a tour to explain.

Has Covid-19 Affected Crimes in Tahoe?

Tahoe/Truckee crime statistics for 2019 to 2021 show some similarities to national trends during the pandemic, but locally, violent crimes decreased, while burglaries, vandalism, and thefts were up.

Will Sustainable Recreation Save Tahoe/Truckee?

Local groups have solutions for litter, congestion, erosion, and other crowding impacts, but will they be enough?

See the Great Basin Through 20th Century Painters’ Eyes

Nine early watercolorists render the lakes, mountains, and deserts of the Great Basin and Lake Tahoe in the Nevada Museum of Art’s 90th anniversary show, The Latimer School: Lorenzo Latimer and the Latimer Art Club, through March 27, 2022.