Our first official Reader Survey is complete and we got a hefty handful of responses to sift through. We’re learning what you read, what you don’t, and what you wish you could. We know your ages, your hobbies, and what’re wearing right now (just kidding). Here are a few of the comments that were written in on the surveys. Look next month for a report on the reader survey and look in future editions for the implementation of your great ideas.

What Moonshine Ink does right:
‘Outstanding Publication’
‘Moonshine Ink is the best thing that has come to Truckee in a long time.’
‘[Moonshine] is a progressive, thought-provoking, and informative newspaper that I love!’
‘Your paper is an integral part of this community’s soul!
‘Moonshine Ink is my favorite local paper out of all the local papers I have ever read in my travels around the world. I now live in Ventura, Calif. and they have NOTHING that even compares to Moonshine, so I am thrilled that you all have your online Moonshine now.’
‘Moonshine Ink is a valuable asset to the Truckee community. We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic resource offered for FREE. ‘
‘You have given our community a great gift. It’s why I advertise with you.’

Suggestions for what Moonshine Ink could do:
‘I would like the paper to be every 15 days, but I know that means a lot more work!!!’
‘DON’T go out of the area for news… Don’t care about a drunk in Alabama getting backed over by his wife’s car.’
‘Maybe more editorial and critical comment pieces.’
~ if you write in to us, we will most likely print it, especially if it is ONLY sent to us.
‘More pick up zones- maybe some in South Shore, Incline, Nevada City’
‘Add Russian or maybe give us a Spanish primer.’


Comments about our community:
‘It would be beautiful if more residents were passionate stewards of our fragile environment and would stand strongly against wrong decisions and short sighted compromises by our leaders who, in the name of loving Lake Tahoe, shamelessly abuse the beauty and integrity of the lake basin.’
‘I have lived here for 10 yrs. I consider myself a local, but have not always been treated as such. Our town is continuing to grow and change. Many of us ‘locals’ need to embrace these changes and focus on responding in a positive fashion rather than being so critical and defensive about newcomers to the community.’
‘Truckee and North Tahoe need more ART and MUSIC!’
‘In March we [the Planning Commission] are looking forward to three (3) new commissioners so don’t be shy, contact the new Town Council members ASAP if you are interested.’


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