Sharing this world with the dead is a thought that is hard to grasp. As we live our lives nourishing our souls, trying to find our purpose, lost souls are wandering among us, trying to find their way to the other side.

Earlier this month, Chelsea Walterscheid, a volunteer with the Truckee-Donner Historical Society, and her friend Jenn Predmore, a medium and spirit photographer, came to Moonshine Ink’s office on Riverside Drive for a paranormal investigation.

Predmore wasted no time in seeing the first ghost, a man standing on the back deck looking into the glass doors. She described him as an older man with sunken eyes who had met his death by freezing. Since spirits are often attracted to liquor, Predmore tried to persuade him to tell us more about himself by asking if he would like a drink of bourbon or whiskey. He only wanted vodka, so now we call him Vodka Man.


In Moonshine’s creepy, unfinished basement, huge mounds rise from the floor, looking like dead bodies that someone threw carpet over to hide. (The humps are really rocks that the house was built over.) It was cold and musky with spider webs hanging from every beam. The lights went off and we were ready with the spirit box (for the spirits to speak into) and a camera. Surprisingly, there was not much activity except for a ghost we named Prudence. She was afraid to speak to us at first, so when her voice finally resonated over the spirit box I screamed and swore. Prudance was not too fond of my cussing and left the basement.

Back upstairs there was an older gentleman pacing back and forth in the newsroom. Predmore described him as a grandpa figure, and it seemed as if he was working. He said he loves the productivity that goes on around him. Go Moonshine team!

We decided to come back another night hoping to find more paranormal activity. Another medium joined Predmore this time and very quickly she saw a man looking over our shoulders, questioning what we were doing. This was the spirit of Jacob Teeter, the famous Truckee Constable who was killed in a violent gunfight with fellow lawman James Reed in 1891. It is believed that Teeter spends the nights patrolling the bars downtown, keeping an eye on any ruffians. We guessed he was patrolling Riverside Drive since he once lived on the street. Some mediums believe he will never cross over because he thinks he must keep an eye on Truckee for eternity.

Some other ghosts tried to speak to us but it seemed they couldn’t find the energy. A little girl appeared in the back corner of the newsroom but her voice was hard to understand. Nevertheless, you could clearly hear that she was a very young child.

Right before we were about to conclude our investigation, a spirit named Steve said hello on the spirit box. When asked how long he had been dead, he chillingly replied, “I’m not.” The medium sensed he was young and explained that sometimes spirits don’t realize they have passed. Predmore asked Steve how many people were in the room with us and he replied “Ten.” Since there were only five living people in the room, Predmore said aloud that we were all leaving and no one should follow any of us home. In the clearest voice Steve said, “Will do.”

Thankfully, that night the ghosts obeyed Predmore’s orders. It is reassuring to know that there are no evil spirits at Moonshine’s office, and that, when the sky turns dark, Constable Teeter is patrolling the streets of Riverside Drive.


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