When people ask me how long I’ve lived in Tahoe I respond in winters. “This is my fourth winter,” I’ve been saying since the snow began to fall in November. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not very long, and I’m sure all hell no Dick Tash (here), but I feel like I have experienced the gamut of Tahoe emotions in the past four years. Right now, I’m wondering, where the heck are my friends? Woe-is-me, I know, but hear me out …

You see, I moved here to be a “ski bum,” a phrase that is so incredibly romanticized and ever-evolving (here) and followed the common trajectory of so many 20-somethings in a mountain town by shuffling between different jobs and living arrangements. I did what everyone said I would; I came for the winter, stayed for the summer. But I wholeheartedly feel I am still here because of the relationships I have formed along the way. And, it is the latter that has recently started to concern me.

I don’t see my friends anymore because we are all working and living on different schedules and I worry that we sometimes forget the reason we all came here in the first place.

When I moved to Tahoe City in September 2013 I made a rat pack of fast-friends who I hold so incredibly near and dear to my heart. We were together all of the time, hiking, skiing, drinking wine, and eating cheese … among other things.

We hardly ever see each other anymore and I blame Tahoe — the amazing place that brought us all together is now tearing us apart.
Thankfully, there are remedies.

The solution is as simple as combining the activities, multi-tasking if you will. For example, you can recreate while walking the dog (here), spend time with your friends while practicing a hobby (here), or combine social activism with art (here).

As we approach the summer months this is a plea to myself, my friends, you, and your friends to take some time to make sure you’re doing the things you moved here for, get less caught up in the daily grind, and make the effort.