A lot can happen in a decade. Within just 10 years, the U.S. might see three Presidents, clothing styles can morph from neon tube tops to plaid button-down shirts (and back to neon tube tops), and a child can grow from a tree-swinging youngster to a college adult. A decade is a considerable length of time, but as anybody older than 40 can tell you, it can whiz by unbelievably fast.

On Oct. 31, Moonshine Ink celebrates a decade in existence. Born from a simple dream — to create a genuine community newspaper in Truckee/North Lake Tahoe — the venture has been 10 years on mach speed. Both a rich experience and a tiring adventure, the endeavor is worthwhile when we make a difference in readers’ lives.

To mark our 10th birthday, Moonshine will be publishing an anniversary edition next month and we want to feature a crucial facet of the paper  — our readers! We wanna see you with your Moonshine. In a special spread, we will feature photos of you with a copy of Moonshine in hand. Feel free to do a group shot or get your canine or feline buddies into the fray. Submit to info@moonshineink.com by Oct. 2.


Even after the October edition is published, we’d still love to see a photo of you and Moonshine, be it down in Yosemite, on the shores of Belize, or held aloft in the Himalaya.

Along the same lines, we offer a reminder that we strongly encourage community discourse. As the newspaper industry redefines itself, one of the major shifts is a move from one-way, top-down reporting to a vibrant two-way street where knowledgeable citizens weigh in on community matters. Moonshine has a monthly Spout opinion section in print and an ongoing comments section online. Please continue submitting your letters and comments — keep community discourse alive.

As Izaak Walton, a writer from the 1600s, wrote, “Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue.”

~ Mayumi Elegado


  • Mayumi Peacock

    Hailing from a U.S. military family and a graduate of the University of Florida, Mayumi Peacock has lived in several corners of the country and globe, yet Tahoe/Truckee has been her home since 1999. She is founder and publisher of Moonshine Ink, the region’s award-winning independent newspaper, which continues to be created by, for, and of the community. Other passions include family, animals, books, healthy living, and humane food.

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