Every year, New Year’s resolutions are put down on paper. That list typically includes: work out, eat healthy, and de-clutter the house. Tahoe is a year-round playground that many take full advantage of by hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding, and more. All these outdoor activities require equipment that needs to be stored.

Spaces that are constantly bursting at the seams with all this stuff can cause anxiety and stress in an already busy world. Whether your space is small or large there are clever ways to add storage to de-clutter your home and de-stress your life, while enjoying the Tahoe lifestyle.

1  |  Closets contain so much wasted but useable space, with just a rod to hang clothes and a shelf above to store items. Maximize the space with a closet system. Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon, and Ikea have pre-made, do-it-yourself closet systems which can be installed into existing closets, as well as freestanding systems that avoid damaging walls. Items in your closet can even be divided by season to make it easy to find what you need year-round.


2  |  Wall space is a great way to organize and store belongings — consider floating shelves. Place them off-set or parallel with each other to create visual interest and add artistic flare. Hooks can be attached under floating shelves to hang coats and scarves while gloves, and hats can be stored on top of the shelf. A wall mounted cubby by the front door can be used to keep keys, winter hats/gloves, and dog leashes tidy.

3  |  Kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and bikes take up a lot of room but sometimes need to be stored inside for protection from the elements. If your ceilings are tall enough these items can be stood up and strapped to a wall, or mounted to the ceiling with hooks.

4  |  Skis and snowboards can be stored in a freestanding gear rack or a wall mounted rack that gets them off the floor. Consider also turning old snowboards into wall mounted shelves for storing other gear.

5  |  Maximize cabinet space with adjustable shelves which can be moved up or down into pre-drilled holes in the interior of each cabinet. Small clips lock the individual shelves in place. This maximizes the interior of the cabinets for tall and short items. If you rent, consider removable racks that sit on top of the shelves to add more storage. Plus, they are easy to take with you to re-use again. These racks can organize Tupperware, pots and pans, dishes, and more.

6  |  Spice drawers or multi-level tiered organizers that sit on a cabinet shelf can group all your spices in one central location and make it easier to see what you have and what may need to be replaced.

7  |  Dividers can be installed to stand up bigger items like cutting boards and baking sheets, which are sometimes hard to store.

8  |  Spare summer or winter tires should be stored in a climate-controlled environment because they can be damaged by weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and UV rays. Tires need to be cleaned and placed in tire bags for proper storage, and then can be easily stacked and placed on a freestanding shelving unit, under stairs, or a closet space.

Emily Esposito, Allied ASID, Associate IIDA, owner of E. Esposito Interiors. With a passion for green design, she finds ways to design stunning homes that work with nature not fighting against it.


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