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How Citizen Science Can Keep Us from Loving Tahoe to Death

You don’t have to be a professional scientist to help monitor Lake Tahoe. There are apps that allow anyone to become a citizen scientist by reporting what they see at the lake, or get their hands dirty by participating in a water quality monitoring day.

Hank the Tank Exonerated; Workforce Housing Units Accepting Applications; Rookies Sports...

Briefs: 22 Feb. to 28 Feb., including the exoneration of internet infamous massive South Lake bear 'Hank the Tank;' Incline's Rookies Sports Bar to be sold; and workforce housing developments accept applications.

News Briefs | 9 September – 13 October 2021

National forests closed; a fire is quickly quenched on DPR; Sierra Wath declares victory over Alterra; Lake Tahoe is in threat; more.


Residents worry the earthquake jolts that rattled the region this spring signify that a bigger quake, and possibly a tsunami, could happen soon. Moonshine Ink talks to geologists for the rundown.

The Science of Shaken or Stirred

SCIENTIFIC SPIRITS: Nosh on a sumptuous selection of appetizers and desserts as you navigate through a series of fun and interactive scientific stations at the UC Davis TERC Science of Cocktails event.

Tahoe Film Fest

Feature Presentation: Tahoe Film Fest returns for its fifth year this Dec. 5 to 8 with a series of films ranging from dramas to documentaries. All proceeds benefit UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center.