Why Handmade is Important
I’m not sure if there’s anyone who doesn’t love receiving personal mail. In an age of digital communication, having something to hold and read in your hand that isn’t a screen is becoming almost a novelty. The colorful stamps and seeing your name handwritten on an envelope in a sea of bills can really brighten your day. Sometimes I feel like it’s easy to lose yourself in all the pressure of holiday gifting — sending something as sweet and simple as a handmade card, created with love and good humor, can be the best way to regain that personal connection to our friends and family. It’s the part of the holiday season I look forward to, where I make or buy locally a stack of killer cards, get cozy at home, and fill the pages with kind words for the people I know will love them best.
To buy a card from this year’s batch (pictured), email chelseajolly@gmail.com.
Born in Bend, Ore., Chelsea Jolly has covered her bases in the creative industry, from building niche food companies in Portland to freelancing up and down the West Coast in design, illustration, and marketing. She’s in love with the Sierra and its community. She feels most alive shredding in the mountains and documenting all things radical.



  • Moonshine Ink Staff
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