ABOUT THE ARTIST  |   Ben Rodgers was born and raised in Tahoma on Tahoe’s West Shore. After moving away for college and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from California State University, Chico, he relocated to the Bay Area to find work, but was eventually pulled back to the magical place where he grew up. Lake Tahoe has always given him artistic inspiration, and these latest pieces incorporate his passion for graphic design as well as his love for woodworking.
THE PROCESS  |  First, the wood is cut and sanded, then the face edges are routed round. That’s when the fun begins — Ben has used parts from a microwave oven and rewired the motor so he can conduct the electrical current through his art! The electricity moves over the board to form organic rivers of scorched wood. Once the charcoal is sanded away he prints his unique art over the top with a large format flatbed printer. Rodgers puts both his original graphics on the wood, as well as manipulates works he loves, that he gets from stock photo websites, manipulating them by adding design elements and color while combining images and graphics.
Visit his Etsy shop, etsy.com/people/WoodBurnandPrint



  • Moonshine Ink Staff

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