BY Melle North

In a world that currently feels unfamiliar to our usual sense of living, something else is finally being born. As systems of macro and microcosms, collective and personal levels become unbound during these unprecedented times. We find very fertile soils to unbind ourselves, too, and expand into a human capacity that is written in prophecies — written in our destinies, stars, bones, and blood, and kept alive in the wisdom lineages of indigenous cultures around our world. These wisdom-keepers are living carriers of pathways of expanded consciousness available in the human spectrum. Perhaps bending the western understanding and practice of what it means to be human, indigenous wisdom-keepers invite us into what can feel like a whole new world, and yet mysteriously familiar, as they gift us a consciousness that derives identification with more than the perimeter of a human body, but interconnected with all the cosmos and Pachamama (Mother Earth) beings. When we can explore our infinite inherent nature of being, interrelating with the far and intimate reaches of our existence, we can begin to commune with this harmonic intelligence that permeates all; we begin to speak the cosmic language. We can restore and evolve a humanity that knows its extraordinary interconnection, reflecting it into the threshold we are oh-so-currently upon, as we recreate and redream our personal and collective worlds on and with our dear Earth.

This is why I paint what I do. May their portraits invite you into a deep curiosity, a deep knowing, and a deep courage of your own transformative emergence into all that you are, and all that this truly rising world is becoming.


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