Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee held its 10th annual CR Johnson Memorial Lion Heart Art Show on Feb. 7. Works created by local artists were featured on the artist’s choice of medium on either 4-inch-by-2-foot skis or a 12-by-12-inch panel of wood. Proceeds from the sale of the artwork were donated to the CR Johnson Healing Center, a program service of the nonprofit High Fives Foundation, which provides resources for athletes in recovery from outdoor-sports-related injuries. Johnson’s sister Kahlil is a co-owner of the studio, which will sell any remaining works through the end of February. 


‘Stellars Jay” 12×12
Kendel Leslie
acrylic on panel


“Mt Shady (blue)” 12×12
Chris Crossen
water color on paper on panel


‘Tahoe Collection” 12×12
J. Luca Stevens
sailcloth, umbrella cloth, marine vinyl, india ink on panel


“Honey Girl” 12×12 Tina Mokuau acrylic and art resin on panel


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